Scholarships Available for the 2019 CLM Claims College – School of Construction

I am pleased to have been invited to serve on the Executive Council and Faculty for this year’s CLM Claims College – School of Construction, which will be held at the Marriott Baltimore Waterfront from Wednesday, September 4, 2019 through Saturday, September 7, 2019.

As a result of my service I am able to offer scholarships (registration fee only) to industry professionals (insurance – risk, adjusters, claims, etc. and corporate) interested in attending. Please e-mail me by if you would like to take advantage of the free registration scholarship offered by CLM.
The education of claims resolution professionals is important to the CLM. That’s why CLM established the Claims College in 2012 and enlisted some of the industry’s best professionals to create and teach courses. Since its inception, hundreds of students have attended the Claims College and nearly 300 have earned their CCP (Certified Claims Professional) designation.
The College presents courses in eight three-level specialty schools and three one-level schools with more on the horizon. Schools include: Casualty Claims, Claims Mediation, Construction, Cyber Claims, Extra-Contractual Claims, Insurance Fraud, Leadership, Professional Lines, Property Claims, Transportation, and Workers Compensation. Students must pass all three levels of a school to earn their CCP. Each level consists of reading materials, in-class instruction, group projects, and an exam. 
Construction claims present complexities in claim handling, are often multiparty cases with cross claims and third-party claims between and among the numerous defendants, intertwined with issues involving insurance coverage. The stakes for these types of cases are high as the damages claimed can be in the multi-millions
Competent construction claims handling requires an understanding of the distinct legal and practical issues between commercial and residential claims. The construction claims world is an unfriendly place for the claims professional who has not been properly trained and exposed to these issues.
The School of Construction will provide adjusters with the knowledge, tools, and understanding required to navigate these complex claims. Professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of construction risk concepts and seasoned professionals looking to move into construction claims are encouraged to attend.
The Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance is the only national organization created to meet the needs of professionals in the claims and litigation management industries. Founded in 2007, the CLM currently has more than 45,000 Members and Fellows—a number that grows by hundreds each month.


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