Homeowner Protection Act of 2010. Here we go again.

According to the latest available information, it appears as though Senator Morse will introduce the Homeowner Protection Act of 2010 as early as next Wednesday, January 13th.  Although Senator Morse has not shared drafts of this bill, insiders anticipate that it will have roughly the same provisions as did last year’s, unsuccessful, Homeowner Protection Act of 2009.  This bill will be the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ attempt to regain the ability to recover prejudgment interest, which the Colorado Supreme Court took away in the Goodyear decision.

Now is the time to start paying attention and getting involved as it looks like it will be another tough fight.  If you would like to be added to my e-mail distribrution list, which will cover legislative issues in more depth, will share strategic information, and will contain specific calls for action, please contact me at mclain@hhmrlaw.com.  I look forward to helping the CAHB defeat the bill this year, just as we did last year.


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