HHMR will work for diapers!

This year, HHMR is stepping up to help HomeAid Colorado’s Builders for Babies Diaper Drive.  As you can imagine, the requirement for support to families in need is now greater than ever. Due to the critical shortage of diapers available to those who require help, the annual Builders for Babies Diaper Drive will be running through June 21st!
Normally, Builders for Babies is a one-day collection event. This year, HomeAid Colorado kicked off early to help address the dire need for diapers for struggling families.  All donations collected during this campaign will be distributed to our nonprofit partners that focus on alleviating poverty and ending homelessness.  Diapers purchased now will be allocated to diaper banks around Colorado in a timely manner.  HomeAid Colorado has partnered with ABBY & FINN, a Colorado owned company, to simplify the process and distribution of diapers.
This year, HHMR will provide up to three hours of general consulting, risk management consulting, or contract review to Colorado construction professionals which donate a ¼ pallet of diapers (2,625 diapers) through ABBY & FINN’s donation page.  At a cost of $682.50, this is a substantial discount off of our normal hourly rate.  Please reach out to David McLain at (303) 987-9813 or mclain@hhmrlaw.com if you are interested.  Before purchasing diapers, we want to ensure that we can clear a conflict check and determine that your needs fit within our core competencies.  We are excited to work with you to help alleviate Colorado’s terrible diaper shortage.  If you are not interested in this offer, we still urge you to click on ABBY & FINN’s donation page to support this incredible effort.  Please note that this offer may be limited at any time, depending on demand.  


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