First day of the 2010 Colorado legislative session.

Today is the first day of the 2010 legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly.  Hang on to your hats for the next 120 days, as it promises to be in interesting ride.  According to the session preview from the Colorado Civil Justice League, the plaintiffs’ bar has made it clear that it intends to support legislation allowing for attorneys’ fees in construction defect cases.  Obviously this would incentivize plaintiffs’ attorneys to bring even more claims against Colorado builders, which need as much support as possible in these trying economic times.

The CCJL’s prediction that the bill will take the form of an attorneys’ fees bill is a little different than what we had heard about the bill pertaining to prejudgment interest.  Either way, it will nothing more than a mechanism for plaintiffs’ attorneys to line their pockets with the money of Colorado’s construction professionals and their insurers.

Stay tuned.  Senator Morse’s construction defect bill may be intoduced as early as today.  If you would like to discuss the prospects of the upcoming session, please call me at (303) 987-9813 or e-mail me at


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