Ten days until the start of the 2010 Colorado legislative session.

As previously reported, I will be serving as a voting member of the 2010 Colorado Association of Home Builders Government Affairs Committee.  Based on my experience in litigating construction defect cases on behalf of general contractors and developers throughout Colorado, I have been asked to serve on the Construction Defect Task Force. 

As in years past, I anticipate that I will again be very active in getting news from the Capitol out to the building community and in mustering support and resources needed to resist the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ legislative agenda.  To accomplish this, while being sensitive to not publicising our strategy, I will be communicating on legislative issues primarily by e-mail. 

If you would like to be added to my e-mail distribution list, please contact me at (303) 987-9813 or by e-mail at mclain@hhmrlaw.com.  


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